1066@BattleMuseum : Battle Museum of Local History from 01/10/2016 to 29/10/2016 times - 10.00-16.30

Battle Museum of Local History The 1066@battlemuseum exhibition uses
visual imagery in mixed media to convey what it was like at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Unique tapestries drawn from the Bayeux Tapestry themes show what people at the time
thought happened. Of particular note is the 1818 “Stothard” tapestry watercolour set, the
only one on display in the UK.

The famous “Battle of Hastings” axe head is on display complete with a touch and feel replica. A diorama provides an overview of the progress of the battle.

Battle Museum of Local History, The Almonry
Fri 1st Jul – 10am – Sat 29th Oct – 4.30pm

Free Entry | donation appreciated