Fake Thackray

Fake Thackray : Senlac Inn, Station Approach - 20:00, 4 October 2016

An evening without Jake Thackray with John Watterson

Jake Thackray’s songs are exquisitely funny, satirical, incisive, irreverent, witty and
gloriously un-PC. And sometimes all of these at the same time!

Jake was a one off; his poetry broke the rules yet worked beautifully. He was a true
craftsman of the English language and his legacy of scores of wonderful songs continues
to entertain and delight audiences of all ages today. John’s appreciation and love of Jake
Thackray’s music is obvious to his audience. John’s performance is a celebration of the man that was Jake Thackray – his life, his work and his genius. John is a talented guitarist and vocalist and has that engaging quality that makes you want to listen to his performance.

Senlac Inn, Station Approach, Battle
Tues 4th Oct | 8pm | 18+

Tickets: £12 from 07794821454 & mrsy.co.uk