PerKelt : The Senlac Inn, Station Approach - 20:00, 18 October 2016

Mrs Yarrington’s Music Club presents PerKelt!

PerKelt have performed their unique Celtic Medieval Speed Folk since 2008.
All its members are highly-qualified, accomplished and award-winning musicians, performing on recorder, harp, guitar, percussion, and vocals. They perform
passionate and energetic, strong, melodic Celtic sounds, through original composition
with content drawn from Medieval and traditional sources.

PerKelt has released three highly acclaimed albums and have performed over 500 shows
around the world, they are extremely proud to present refreshing, innovative and evocative Celtic music in a way that has never been heard before. They simply cannot be missed!

Senlac Inn, Station Approach, Battle
Tues 18th Oct | 8pm | 18+

Tickets: £12 from 07794821454 &