18 Oct 2018 19:30 - 21:00

Wynne Room, Battle Memorial Hall

This event is not ticketed

In this illustrated talk, archivist and author Peter Harrison describes spending 16 days clearing his parents’ home in Cumbria during 2010.  Both the late surgeon and his wife had great powers of accumulation!

Three years later a box containing a forgotten archive of more than six hundred monochrome negatives of Occupied Germany in 1947 was discovered.

Now, seventy years after the photographs were originally taken, these have been combined with the young doctor’s diary and published as “The Medical Officer’s Diary RAF Lüneburg 1947”.

The Diary is written with the observational skill of a young surgeon who was later to write for The Lancet.  Astute clinical description was made almost daily and sudden death common.  These entries combined with domestic and dietary minutiae make for sometimes compulsive reading.  The Black Market’s attractions are thoroughly explored.

Archivist and author Peter Harrison now enjoys retirement as a volunteer guide and lecturer at Eastbourne’s Napoleonic Redoubt Fortress.  In an earlier life he was proud to represent our flag carrying airline at events in the South East.