From 01 Oct 2019 09:00
To 31 Oct 2019 16:30

The Almonry

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On a different environmental tack, students at Battle Teaching and Learning Centre had the opportunity to work with local artist Sam Peacock, learning about the effects of waste metal materials on the land and how it affects the countryside. The group learned how to use a metal detector whilst digging for waste materials, one of their key tasks being to identify various metals by using the ‘discriminator’ setting on this very sensitive piece of equipment. Secretly hoping to find a Saxon sword or a Norman arrow, the group were nonetheless very excited to locate some semi-precious and even precious metals as well as junk metals such as iron and aluminium.

When the young Detectorists had found their Battle hoard of metal!, they proceeded to create artwork which reflected the landscape in which they had been working: the items found were stuck securely onto a metal plate measuring 35/35 cm and then painted with acrylics with coffee grounds added to produce texture. These works, suitable for both an interior or exterior space, will be displayed and offered for sale in the Almonry gardens during the Festival.

Session Times

9am - 4.30pm (Monday - Saturday,  1-31st October)

Refreshments available.