28 Sep 2019 19:15 - 20:30

Battle High Street

Look up! The ocean is calling you! This year, Beautiful Creatures Theatre; creators of the Winter Giant, returns with a breathtaking new show – Big Blue. Dive into an underwater world as a giant blue whale appears on Battle High Street on the 28th September. This glowing gentle giant is a messenger from the deep, with a haunting and urgent call for all of us. Will you listen? Will you answer her? With stunning lights, dramatic drumming and an army of shimmering jellyfish, Big Blue asks us to look up and out and see the world around us. Big Blue was originally commissioned by Reading UK for a Magical Christmas in Reading. If you would like to make a junk jellyfish lantern for the event or take part in the family junk percussion workshops, please see the listings for the various workshops at www.beautifulcreaturestheatre.com.


Big Blue is a processional event that will take place through the town of Battle, starting from Market Square at 7pm,
traveling down the High Street where her story will unfold, finishing in front of the Abbey on the Green.

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