From 01 Oct 2019 11:00
To 31 Oct 2019 18:00

Battle Library

This event is not ticketed

A Photographic Exhibition by Battle Wildlife Meadows Group In conjunction with Battle Photographic Society.

What do you think about the uncut verges and open spaces around our town? Untidy? Unkempt? Simply a cost cutting exercise? Maybe it’s time to Rethink. Yes, our local councils need to make budget cuts in order to ensure key services like social care and education can be maintained, but this can be used to our advantage. We have been handed a fantastic opportunity to watch Mother Nature work her magic. With just a little care from volunteers like Battle Wildlife Meadows Group these previously unnoticed areas can become a haven for wildlife, such an important requirement in today’s modern world. As the areas begin to Rewild, we will see the return of our beautiful, native wildflowers and, as their habitat re-establishes, the pollinators and other invertebrates will return. We will once again hear the buzzing of bees and the chirping of crickets. The decline in our meadows has been frightening, 97% has been lost over the last few decades. We need our wildlife to sustain our own life on Earth. Enjoy our display and join us in our attempt to Restore the biodiversity we so need.

We would like to thank Battle Festival for choosing Nature and the Environment as their theme this year. Events such as Carnival of the Animals fuel the interest of the younger children and help them understand that all forms of life are precious. There has also been some wonderful work with our young people in schools. Through music, art, and science they have been encouraged to extend their knowledge of the natural world and to rise to the challenges we all face in our attempt to Rethink, Rewild and Restore our environment. Our display can be viewed in Battle Library throughout October.