03 Oct 2019 19:30 - 21:00

Battle Memorial Hall - Wynne Room

For 30 years I have been promoting the virtues of biodiverse meadows and lamenting their demise in my books, The Naturalist’s Garden (1987) and Meadows – A History and Natural History (1992).

Nothing has changed.

The decline was up to 98% lost 30 years ago. Has the loss declined, plateaued or are we just tinkering with 2% fragments of the countryside?
What are you doing about it? Like rainforest loss, what can you really do about it? There has been a resurgence in protecting, conserving and creating meadows, but are we too late? Have we done enough? Come and find out.

Refreshments available. 

TICKETS: £8 - Online or from Rother Books & The Crafty Norman